Stargate Atlantis LIMS

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This community is inspired by ultimate_lims and disney_hush where the original idea was born.


The first Last Icon Maker Standing Icon Challenge for Stargate Atlantis. Every week a cap and/or a theme will be provided, and you have to make an icon from it. Each week the member(s) with the lesser quality icon(s), will be eliminated. You must be a member from the beginning and participate in each challenge you can. Once you have been cut you cannot participate until the next round.

Winner Round 1: dana_cz
Winner Round 2: spiffydaze
Winner Round 3: beeej
Winner Round 4: dana_cz
Winner Round 5: jhava
Winner Round 6: unamaga
Winner Round 7: ohliberty


You must be a member to participate and once a round starts you can not join, you must join a round from the beginning.

Sign up for round 8 HERE.

Every participant is supposed to enter in each challenge. But if your computer is out of reach you can skip a challenge.