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09 January 2010 @ 11:41 am
Elimination 8/6  
Sadly we have to say goodbye to:

with - 3 votes

I hope you'll be back for the next round!

Votes in total:

Notice: If there are positive and negative votes for the same icon, the positive ones will be added to the negative ones. If your icon number is not listed you didn't receive any votes.

1. daughterofeve47: +1 -4 = -3
2. colls: +4


01 - the colours seemed faded except in the centre of the icon, where they are too bright, making the image hard to make out.
01 - not enough contrast
01 - too pale, can't see the picture clearly
01 - the coloring is too bright, not enough contrast

02 - I do not like the cropping it has. (not counted)


01 - (I really like the light on this one, I think it enhances the emotion of the scene, and i really like the coloring of it)

02 - The background colours are interesting and I like the contrast between the softness of the background and the clarity of the central figure.
02 - lovely coloring and lighting
02 - great crop and colouring
02 - (no reason)